February 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Whom to trust?

There's many things i've learned from my bestfriend whom i met which was, don't trust your own bestfriend. Life is in fact a test for you to move to the next stage where you'll feel the true heaven. No one is kind nor bad, because they are both except for the prophet before us. Since high school i was always a toy, for people to stab with. Yes it hurts and i've endured it for a long time. Till i went to matricultion college where i thought i met the best friend i thought i will ever meet. Months pass by, i learned that he wasnt the bestfriend i thought he will be. I've been damned. But he thoght me many things about life and for the least only he i can trust for now. What for future? I don't know what am i gonna be in the future because what i want is only a work that provides me halal things. That's enough for me.